Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Meditation Lounge Group Meditation: Friday Flip

Dear Bert,
The holiday season can be filled with a number of triggers for stress….crowds, travel, last minute dashes to the store and crazy work schedules just to name a few. This year we were blessed with a midmonth invitation to The Meditation Lounge for a guided group meditation session with Selena Johnson.

The beautiful open space immediately surrounds you in light and warmth.  
We took our seats, got very comfortable with plush pillows, mats and blankets. Selena lead our group in breathing exercises and then through a journey of imagery that helped each of us focus on our individual connections to our inner strength. It was very relaxing and empowering all at the same time.
Afterwards we all enjoyed a buffet of snacks and discussed our experiences during the meditation. On the ride home, our carload decided we would be happy to visit Selena again! An overall positive experience, wonderful for our Friday Flip.
Happy New Year!
Anita & Ema
The show Trip Flip and host Bert Kreischer, have encouraged us to expand our list of experiences. Open doors to possibilities, say Yes! We have created Friday Flip as our way to engage in new adventures, share experiences with friends and celebrate life together. At Sosia we find reasons to celebrate and we celebrate often! Our wish is that our customers do the same. For more information about Trip Flip and how Friday Flip got started click HERE.

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