Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Ideas for adding flare to your guests' take out boxes

Thanksgiving Take Out Boxes

We recently added Take Out Boxes to our collection of To Go products. These lined and microwavable kraft boxes are an ideal way to send guests home with Thanksgiving leftovers without losing your entire Tupperware collection. We offer the boxes with festive labels but here are a few more ways to dress up your holiday leftovers.

Instead of placing the label directly on your take out boxes, use them on a tag and add a personalized message on the back and tie with a ribbon.

Create a colorful arrangement of leaves from your yard to add autumn charm to your leftover boxes. We wrapped green raffia around the boxes to secure the leaves in place.
Tie a beautiful bit of fabric around your take out box and slide a plastic knife and fork under the knot so your guests will have everything they need to enjoy your Thanksgiving goodies.

 You can find more Sosia Take Out Boxes and other products in our Etsy shops Sosia and Sosia To GO!

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