Friday, February 20, 2015

Things to know before applying for your Passport.

Planning a vacation? Spring Break is rapidly approaching, followed by wedding/honeymoon season. Are you prepared for travel outside the country? Here are a few helpful hints for applying for your passport.

·         APPLY EARLY - The process is not as difficult or confusing as it may appear at first but the added stress of an upcoming travel deadline isn’t helpful.

·         BE PREPARED -  Print out your paperwork at home, carefully read through the documents before filling out your information. Click here for the appropriate documents

·         BE CAMERA READY - Save time by having your photo taken ahead of time. Many places such as Walgreen’s and Walmart provide passport photo services that take only minutes and you won’t have to worry about meeting the special size requirements for your application. There are additional guidelines on what not to wear….do NOT wear white, try to avoid wearing clothing with logos or you’ll be sent back to take a new photo. (or worse, your application can be rejected and you’ll have to start again)

·         CALL AHEAD - You can apply at your local post office without making an appointment. I would suggest calling ahead of time to find out the hours that they will accept your application.  They may also be able to give you a heads up as to when the “slow” time of day is so you can save yourself additional time standing in line.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Engagement Photo Ideas and Tips

Engagement photos are a great way to celebrate and share your exciting news. Over the years they can become a beautiful reminder of how your lives began together. Here are a few ideas to help you make your engagement photos memorable.

CAPTURE YOUR PERSONALITY: Are you world travelers? campers? Are you the couple always hosting game night? Express your identity as a couple through the mood and location of your photos.
Photo by The Nichols
Photo by Gwendolyn Tundermann

SHARE THE MOMEMENT: With a little planning, you can share the surprise and joy of the exact moment of your engagement with your friends and family. Talk to your photographer for ideas and locations that would work well for such a candid moment.
Photos by Tanya Velazquez

INCLUDE THE WHOLE FAMILY: Maybe your blending families or perhaps your family wouldn't be complete without your four legged friend, why now add them to your photo shoot? They'll be a part of your lives together too.
Photo by More Than Just Pictures
Photo by Megphoto

DOUBLE DUTY: Use your favorite photos as your Save the Date to share your news and prepare everyone for your special day.
Save the Date Postcard by Serendipity Beyond Design

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

School Valentine's Day parties used to be a celebration filled with sugar hearts, chocolates and heart shaped suckers but many schools are opting out of sugary treats.
While I'm happy to hear that my kiddos won't be loaded up with cookies and cupcakes before heading home on Valentine's Day, we have had to do a few internet searches to find fun Valentine's. Stickers, pencils and temporary tattoos are popular selections. We found a few more cute ideas and included them on our Kids Holiday Party Pinterest board. The kids and I are really looking forward to making the Valentine's cards together.

4 Fun, Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

EXCERCISE: release stress through activity and clear your mind. Just stepping outside for a quick walk can be helpful.
SLEEP: the proper amount of sleep rejuvenates your mind and body.
MUSIC: an instant mood changer! Rock out to your favorite upbeat song to transform your current state of mind. Better yet….Dance it out :)
SUNSHINE: boost your Vitamin D and soak in the many benefits for a strong, healthy body.

The Meditation Lounge Group Meditation: Friday Flip

Dear Bert,
The holiday season can be filled with a number of triggers for stress….crowds, travel, last minute dashes to the store and crazy work schedules just to name a few. This year we were blessed with a midmonth invitation to The Meditation Lounge for a guided group meditation session with Selena Johnson.

The beautiful open space immediately surrounds you in light and warmth.  
We took our seats, got very comfortable with plush pillows, mats and blankets. Selena lead our group in breathing exercises and then through a journey of imagery that helped each of us focus on our individual connections to our inner strength. It was very relaxing and empowering all at the same time.
Afterwards we all enjoyed a buffet of snacks and discussed our experiences during the meditation. On the ride home, our carload decided we would be happy to visit Selena again! An overall positive experience, wonderful for our Friday Flip.
Happy New Year!
Anita & Ema
The show Trip Flip and host Bert Kreischer, have encouraged us to expand our list of experiences. Open doors to possibilities, say Yes! We have created Friday Flip as our way to engage in new adventures, share experiences with friends and celebrate life together. At Sosia we find reasons to celebrate and we celebrate often! Our wish is that our customers do the same. For more information about Trip Flip and how Friday Flip got started click HERE.