Friday, August 22, 2014

Milo's Bocce Garden: Friday Flip


Dear Bert,

This month's Friday Flip took us to Anita's favorite St. Louis location, The Hill.  We decided our activity to try was playing Bocce at Milo's Bocce garden, and we had a blast!  We met up with a couple of our friends and started the afternoon off with lunch.  The food was, of course, amazing being one of The Hill's many famous Italian restaurants.  But the real fun began after lunch when we went outside for some bocce. 

The rules of the game were conveniently located right on the court for us (good thing since Anita hadn't played in at least 20 years). Despite the 90+ degree weather, we enjoyed the game so much we had to stay for a second round.  It certainly didn't hurt that our very kind waitress kept the beers coming:)


Walking out Milo's front doors you face the local Catholic Church, St. Ambrose, with it's beautiful statue 'The Italian Immigrants'.  The church holds a lot of family history for many of The Hill residents.

Being on The Hill, we certainly couldn't head home without a trip to Missouri Bakery, so we stopped for some Chocolate Drops and Cannoli.  Delicious!  Our families were certainly pleased with our take home treats;)
Looking forward to next months' flip!
Anita & Ema                      

The show Trip Flip and host Bert Kreischer, have encouraged us to expand our list of experiences. Open doors to possibilities, say Yes! We have created Friday Flip as our way to experience new adventures, share experiences with friends and celebrate life together. At Sosia we find reasons to celebrate and we celebrate often! Our wish is that our customers do the same. For more information about Trip Flip and how Friday Flip got started click HERE.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gender Reveal Party Fizz: New Options by Sosia

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! 

How we wonder what you are!

By popular demand our Gender Reveal Fizzies are now available in a variety of new designs! We've even created new options to include your "Out of Town" friends and family in on the surprise of your pregnancy announcement.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars and Little Miss or Little Man? Hearts

Have friends and family all over the nation? Send each one of them their own reveal fizz! We'll ship each reveal to a different location so your loved ones won't be left out of the exciting surprise when you announce your baby's gender.
Each fizz is shipped in a small box with a personalized tag. 
"Waddle it be?" , "Little Miss or Little Man?" or  "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"