Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Are You Adventurous?

Our family has become hooked on The Travel Channel Show, TRIP FLIP!
Host, Bert Kreischer takes adventurous folks on spontaneous, one of a kind adventures all over the world. Not only are the locations unique and varied but Bert always finds unexpected activities that the typical traveler might miss. The participants just have to say "YES!" and Bert plans a trip that is a complete action packed surprise. Honestly, how amazing would it be to have a truly new and extraordinary experience customized for you? Freakin' Fantastic! That's what it would be!
Bert and the Trip Flip episodes have given us inspiration to experience more of the unknown with what we're calling our "Friday Flip". Each month, we'll find new local experiences, activities or classes to share with you. We'll post photos and a full recap of events on a Friday during the month. Instead of saying "I've always wanted to try that." we're flipping our day and joining the party :)
Currently, we're researching events and activities. Please feel free to make suggestions and share ideas in the comments below! What have you always wanted to try?
We look forward to posting our first adventure soon!
Ema and Anita

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