Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gender Reveal....Waddle it be?

Gender Reveal

The Big Idea……

When my sister first found out she was pregnant she immediately began talking about ideas for her gender reveal party.  This was a totally new concept to me since it had been 7 years since my last pregnancy and these parties either didn’t exist or I had never heard of them.  So she had heard of the balloon release and the cake cutting, and she suddenly said to me, “Oh! Do you think you can make a bath bomb that releases color?”  So I have to give her credit for the idea.  We started experimenting right away, and voila….we had a totally new gender reveal idea.

 The  Big Reveal……

My sister is not the most patient person, so her husband picked up the secret envelope from their doctor stating whether baby was a boy or girl.  He locked it in his car and hid his keys from her.  I was totally expecting him to give me the envelope right away so I could make the reveal bomb to bring to their party; however Tom didn’t trust me either (boo).  No problem, I simply made a blue and a pink with hidden labels on the bottom to bring along.  He refused to give me the envelope until seconds before the big reveal (whatever Tom, I can totally keep a secret).  The party was going great.  We did a contest where everyone could vote boy or girl for $1 per vote, and winner gets the pot.  The girl votes were ahead by far.  When it was time everyone gathered in the family room around the bowl of water.  Tom FINALLY released the magic envelope to me.  I locked myself in the bathroom with both reveal bombs and the envelope.  I opened it up, wiped away a few tears of joy, and took off the gender label on bottom so no one else could see it.  After composing myself and putting on my poker face I opened the door.  First face I saw was my husbands, and I thought ‘wow, Tom was totally right.  No way will I be able to look at my sister’s face without letting her know’.  OK Tom, you were absolutely right, I cannot keep a secret at all!  So I handed the reveal to Mike and hid.  He passed it to the front, and the rest is in the video.  Please excuse the shakiness, my eight year old was taking it and she was REALLY excited. (She’s the one screaming ‘It’s pink!, It’s pink!’).

What an amazing, fun night!  Kudos to whoever started gender reveal parties.  How cool to be able to be surrounded by friends and family when you get such wonderful news!

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