Friday, May 13, 2011

Paws-itively Amazing Kona Coffee!

 Recently, we introduced our new Peppermint Pedicure Packs which include 2 foot soaks and a Kona Coffee Scrubbing bar. Ever wonder where we get our Kona Coffee? Sosia uses beans from the Dog Gone Good Coffee Company located in beautiful Holualoa, Hawaii.

 The Dog Gone Good Coffee Company is a small, 21/2 acre farm with about 200 coffee producing trees. It is owned and operated by Paul and Bonnie Bangert; an adventurous couple who are up for anything! Among their many interests are kickboxing, painting and reading, for Bonnie while Paul enjoys baseball (especially the Chicago Cubs), skydiving and antiques.


 They live on the farm with their 2 dogs, Tanka and Nellie. The dogs are responsible for guarding the property and often travel with Paul and Bonnie as they pick the coffee fruit during harvesting. The entire crop is handpicked at various times during coffee season. As the coffee fruit, called cherry ripen they will change color from green to red. Even on the same branch cherries will ripen at varying paces. A single tree can bloom 5 to 6 times each year.

 Each package of Dog Gone Good Coffee advertises that it is “Animal Tested and Approved”. Tanka and Nellie enjoy the sweet flavor of the seeds that have fallen from the trees. They will rest in the shade and enjoy their coffee snack as everyone else is hard at work.

 Most enjoy this coffee, after roasting! (sorry dogs) The mild Hawaiian climate, volcanic soil and blend of sunshine and afternoon rains provide the perfect canvas to create this special coffee crop. Kona coffee is hailed as some the world’s best. Dog Gone Good goes above and beyond basic standards for harvesting, washing and drying their coffee beans to provide fresh, full flavored Kona Coffee. The fruit is picked and washed by hand. The beans are then roasted in small batches to ensure the freshness of each package.

 At Sosia, we take our coffee loving to the next level! Not only do we appreciate the quality of the aroma and flavor of these coffee beans, we relish the benefits of their grounds as well. We’ve added ground Dog Gone Good beans to our pedicure scrubbing bar for extra exfoliation and deodorizing. The caffeine found in coffee is also known to help smooth skin.

 These amazing 100% Kona Coffee Beans are sold by the pound and can be found locally at the Aloha Nail Company. If you’re like us and admire the mountains of Kona from afar you can contact The Dog Gone Good Coffee Company through email by clicking HERE. They will be happy to ship your coffee to your doorstep.


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