Monday, May 23, 2011

Ellipse Fitness Workout!

MUST HAVE: A KICK Start to your morning 

This weekend my family and I attended a special community workout developed by the instructors at Ellipse. We enjoyed a heart pumping workout with the kids. (Literally, my husband and I took turns doing squats and lunges while holding our youngest.) The trainers offered great advise and tips about modifying exercises to help each person be more successful, along with adding helpful advise for healthy eating.

I have no idea what move my daughter was pulling off here but at least she's moving!

Up and Down with added weight!

We made our way around the gym in stations and then ended with a fun relay race which included frog jumping, crab walking and bear crawls. My daughter had an amazing time and can't wait to workout as a family again.

Trainer Natasha working with the little ones.

Owner Ann wrapping things up. FYI, keep your balance while stretching by holding your ear! Who knew?
This month marks my 1 year anniversary with Ellipse and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results of this program. Ellipse Fitness has a unique boot camp style class structure that keeps you engaged and challenged. Kickboxing is amazing! Start your morning with a Kick!

Ellipse is located on Telegraph in Oakville, MO and is open Monday-Saturday. Become a fan on facebook for the latest class updates. Ellipse Fitness St. Louis


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