Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unique Bachelorette and Girls Night Out Ideas and Outings

Orders for Bachelorette Party Favors are on the rise and with Wedding Season in full swing we have collected fun options and ideas for celebrating a unique Girls’Night. Heck, who needs a Bachelorette Party? Just call up your friends and have a blast trying something unexpected. Check out our Pinterest Board for more fun ideas too.

Tami Scott of Tami Scott Studio has combined her salon with Bin 11 wine bar. You can host a gathering, enjoy some lovely wine and have a makeover all in one place. Sounds pretty cool to us!

I've had this idea of hosting a bachelorette party with all of the guests dressed as Beauty Pageant Contestants. Assign everyone a sash that reads some sort of fun name like Miss Behave and Miss Understood. The Bride-to-Be could be Miss Taken and of course she’ll need a crown. It would be interesting to see if folks show up in a swimsuit or dressed with props for their talent.


Are you adventurous? Aiming high for your night out? We suggest Zipline tours,Trapeze Classes or Paintball!

Megan of the Wades of 108 Blog hosted a Pub Golf Bachelorette Party. It’s a great idea for the host that likes to be organized/OCD. Organized Chaos….Anita would approveJ Megan even writes a follow up with planning details due to the popularity of the idea.  


Painting With A Twist does all the work for you! Your group can have a private room, paint with an instructor and bring your own refreshments. The gang at PWT will handle all the clean up.

Rock a Theme!!! PopSugar has 50 themes to inspire you.

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