Thursday, September 1, 2011

Katie Beach Photography: Capturing Sosia’s Style

While updating our website we have been brainstorming ideas on how to infuse more of our personalities into our site. After a lot of thought (and collection of props) we contacted Katie of Katie Beach Photography for help. Katie had no problem working with all of our ideas! She was able to capture our individual styles while showcasing Sosia’s collaborative fashion and sense of humor. We couldn’t be more pleased with our photos!

Katie is a local photographer here in St. Louis that specializes in portrait and wedding photography. She has worked with both of our families in the past with fantastic results! Relaxed, patient and creative, she works well with both children and camera-shy adults (Ahem...Ema).

You can view more of Katie's photos on her blog HERE. (I'm in love with her most recent engagement session of Alicia and Matt! A-dorable!) Or schedule an appointment with her today by clicking HERE.

One of the best parts of co-owning Sosia is that we truly enjoy our work! It's a blast to work alongside your friend and create products for clients! We have an insane amount of fun! Thank you Katie for translating our ideas into the amazing images AND for including our blooper shots! See the updated Sosia site soon.

Bloopers by Sosia

About Us: Anita likes Harry Potter and Ema likes naps.

Are these guys EVER serious?

Note to self….DON’T enter and alleyway in a mask and hat when there is a bank nearby! I kid you not, 30 seconds after we arrived in the alley for these shots a police officer rolled in behind us! Luckily, Katie greeted him with her camera in hand and explained that we were just taking some silly photos! Phew!

We even had a cheering section while running with our shopping cart! Some tenants at the apartment buildings behind us were having a good laugh as we raced our shopping cart down the alley. I think they dug our outfits too.

Wrap it up: Shipping photos gone wrong.

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  1. Looks like a super fun and silly photo shoot! Can't wait to see how you incorporate the photos into the website =)