Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Birds and The Bees: Shower Favors

We have been busy (as bees...had to do it) working on shower favors over the past few weeks. The combination of these two orders caught us as a little funny! A  request for Bee themed and "Baby Bird" shower favors.We couldn't help but post them together as
 The Birds and The Bees.

Future Bride, Jen is affectoinatly named "Queen Bee" in her household. When she requested our Queen Bee Lip Butters as her bridal shower favors we thought "Bride to Bee" was  a perfect addition to her labels.

Leading Lady Lip ButterLip Balm Party Favors

"Bird" was always a term of endearment for our next couple. It was only natural that when they found out they were expecting a little boy that their baby shower favors would be "Baby Birds" in blue. Welcome Baby Keaton!

Personalized Soap Favors

Are you interested in learning more about the birds and the bees? Contact Sosia today for more information by clicking HERE.

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